New Pretty n'Love Released

Hey everyone.

Today we have a whole new floor added to the Pretty n'Love store.

Take a look:

So far, it seems like an alright release. Not my style, not my favourite colour palette (ie black, pitch black, dark black, or charcoal), but some rather pleasant pastel colours going on here. I guess I should personally like the black shorts and blouse, but they both sit a bit awkward on my doll, so nope, that's a pass for me.

But honestly, the overall release is decent. Not sure about the jumpsuit though.
The two bags, and the headscarf are a win.

The prices seem to be typical - not too horrible, but not the lovely old school low prices.
There's only one starcoin item here, and that's the skirt. Again, I think they didn't do as much of a good job on the skirt graphics-wise - maybe because it's that one starcoin item they need to throw in for the sake of having That One Starcoin Item in their release, or maybe because it's the full moon, or maybe because it's the Second Coming.

So in my opinion - decent, but not extraordinary.

And of course, you guys are the best ones to judge, so let us know what you think about this new release!

What are your thoughts on this?
Would you buy anything?

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