New 9 to 5 Released

Hey everyone.

Today we have some new items added to the 9 to 5 store.


So far, it's an alright release. Finally we get to see some tech and science work wear.
I will definitely buy the lab equipment to add it to the alchemy dungeon room in my suite.
*me likes cheap props*

The graphics look nice to me, the prices seem decent, and although I don't really see an awful lot of starcoin items, there are a few (two?), and that's definitely better than nothing.
A special nod to the stripey top with the periodic table symbols.
I like it.

One thing I find odd, however, is the fact that the glasses cost 10sd, and that seems a bit too weird compared to the rest of the items that cost almost as much, or even less...
C'mon, 10sd for glasses vs 10sd for the Girls in Tech tshirt.
That has to be a joke.

Other than that, I don't really have much to say, so share your thoughts down in the comments!

What are your thoughts on the release?
Would you buy anything?
What sort of "jobs" would you like to see in this store in the future?

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