LE is Here

Hey everyone.

And finally, here it is: the new Limited Edition released.


Well, what can I say? Not too bad. I personally prefer the outfits on the second floor better than the ones on the first. And yes, there are only two floors to this edition.
In a way, I even think it's for the better because I always thought that having more floors than that is a bit too much, and you end up losing track of all the items that were in the release. But hey, each to their own.

As I expected, LE came out at 3am where I live.
Thank you so much Stardoll for being so considerate and sensitive to timezones.
Oceania will never forget such kindness.

And as I've already suspected, the items featured on the top up offer ad, those were from the new release. My personal favourite item is the jacket combo, but too bad it's already sold out.


Did you guys get a chance to buy anything?
What are your favourite items?
And what are your overall thoughts on the release?


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