Hotbuys Pearl Embelished White Denim Released

Hey everyone.

Today we have a new Hotbuys release, and that is:
It Girls Pearl Embellished White Denim.

Take a look

Click HERE to get those directly to your dressing room.

I definitely like the jeans, that's absolutely no doubt. The rips are located a bit oddly, but overall I still like the look. Personally, I'd love to see them in some other colour (probably black, or absolute black), but oh well.
What I don't like about those is the price.
I feel like I've said this far too many times, but I guess it should be said over and over again until this gets some kind of an effect on Stardoll.

No, 36sd is not an appropriate price for a Hotbuys item.

I'm fine paying that amount for a tribute item, but not Hotbuys.

Well, anyway.

What are your thoughts on the new release?
Would you buy that?

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