Hotbuys Micro Dott Slip

Hello again everyone.

I guess the news won't make it big since we've just had the new LE collection released, and most of us are left rather penniless, but today we have a new Hotbuys item released.

And that is

Fallen Angel Micro Dott Slip

Click HERE to get this cutie in your dressing room.

I've been quite critical of almost every single Hotbuys release recently, but this one, I feel like there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's lovely, it's simple, and it's got some nice lace details. A case of subjective opinion, of course, but I really like this little dotted dress.

Probably even more than quite a few of the new LE dresses that were just released.

Now, that doesn't mean, however, that I'm happy with the price of it.
Maybe 28sd doesn't sound too bad for some, for me, and perhaps, for most of Stardoll users, that is by no means an appropriate price to pay for an item that is pretty much available to anyone to buy, you can buy it in infinite amounts, and by no means it's ever going to hit the "rare" status in any future.

But it's still cute. Yes.


So what are your thoughts on this?
Would you buy?

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