Hotbuys Palazzo Pants

Hey everyone,

Today we have a new Hotbuys release, and that is It Girls Palazzo Pants.
Take a look:

Click HERE to get those in your dressing room.

Have to say, for some unknown, almost supernatural reasons, I really like the pants. 
But certainly not the price, which is 27sd.

I definitely like the graphics here and the lovely oriental print. The pants do, however, remind me a bit of my own pajama pants, which have the same oriental pattern, but still, I think those are pretty good. 

Perhaps, that's the first release in a rather long while that inspired me to do a "my way" that I haven't been doing for ages.

So yeah... Here's my way of wearing the pants.
Hopefully you guys can come up with better ideas.


What are your thoughts on the new release?
Would you consider buying?


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