Hotbuys Givenchy Inspired Booties

Hey everyone. 

After a rather cool-looking Antidote release, we've got another teeny little release, and that is Rio Givenchy Inspired Booties

Click HERE to get those in your dressing room.

Well... What can I say?
The colour is weird, the look is weird, the graphics is weird, the way the booties sit on my doll's feet is weird.
Everything about the booties is weird.
And those also remind me of the same kind of booties from Miss Sixty that were released a long while ago.

Overpriced? Yes. Certainly not worth the 15sd they claim to be.
More like another Hotbuys release that'll make your eyes roll.

But of course, by no means feel discouraged from buying these booties if you happen to life them. In that case, just ignore what I've said.


What are your thoughts on these?
Would you ever buy that?

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