Hotbuys Alexander Wang Inspired Top Released


Today we have a new Hotbuys release and that is Bonjour Bizou Alexander Wang Inspired Top

Click HERE to get this in your dressing room.

Even though I don't think paying 17sd is worth the deal, I like the top. There's something from the old weirdly drawn pre-2008 items to it that I enjoy.
But then I'd expect the price to be on the same level as well because if, for example, we compare this top to any of the newly released items from Original Future, you'll definitely see a big difference in terms of the more realistic graphics.

I still like the top, the graphics still look fine, I like the bright rich colour, the top sits very well on my doll, and if not for the price, I'd definitely buy it.

What are your thoughts on this?
Would you buy it?

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