New Original Future

What's up everyone,

Today we have some new items added to the Original Future store, come have a look:

Overpriced as usual, the accessories especially, these new items failed to impress me and make me want to buy everything there is. I have to be honest and note that the graphics are actually quite good and every item sits well on my doll. However, the animal print dress seems to be of lesser graphics quality than the rest of the new items.

Maybe it's because this dress is a starcoin item.
But who knows...

Overall, nothing of the new stuff seems to be tremendously horrifying, but definitely not worth the price. Not even the bandana headband.
It's cute, it's pretty, but c'mon, 12sd?

So what are your thoughts on the new release?
Would you consider buying anything?

And of course, remember: we're all different, we like different things, and so if you happen to absolutely love this new release, don't you listen to what i have to say about it and just buy what you want.

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