New Callie's Picks Decor

And welcome back to another one of my posts.

What's happening in Starplaza?
Yes! We're getting a new Callie's Picks Decor release!
Take a look:

The prices don't seem to be too terrible, however, some items are quite overpriced, but overall... I'm not impressed with the release.
I adore the seal, I'm happy that they released the animated fire, the snowman is quite cute, but overall, it's not the release I'd be excited for and I certainly don't get any "winter wonderland" vibes here. I feel like there's a lot missing, and there should have been more items released.

But oh well, that's what we got, and we'll have to live with it.
And of course, you guys are the best judges, so if you happen to love this edition, by no means feel discouraged from buying the stuff you like.


What are your thoughts on this?
Do you think this edition could've been better?

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