Hotbuys Pastel Box Bag Released

Hey everyone,

Today we also have a new Hotbuys release, and here it is

Pretty n'Love Pastel Box Bag

Click HERE to get this bag in your dressing room.

The bag itself is quite cute, I like how tiny it is, the shape looks nice.
The colour is a bit weird, and the keyring did look an eyeball once I saw the bag in the catalogue. But overall, I think it's a nice bag, and I would've considered purchasing it if it was on sale.

The price. 20sd (or 18sd like me). No. Just no. The bag is far too tiny and not-so-perfect to cost 20sd. I don't understand what's going on with the new Hotbuys these days, I think I've already said this so many times already, but it is so overpriced.

But if you think the price is reasonable and you like the bag, by all means get it!
Therefore, you guys decide, if this bag is worth the money.


Here's my way of wearing it

*le I tried*

What are your thoughts on this Hotbuys release?
Would you buy that?


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