Hotbuys Bao Bao Clutch Released

Sup everyone,

Today we have a new lovely Hotbuys item released in StarPlaza, and it is...

Original Future Bao Bao Clutch

Click HERE to obtain this in your dressing room.

Once again, there we have an item that looks not bad at all, but is heavily overpriced.
This clutch will cost you 20sd (or 18sd like me), and I think this is way too much to ask for a little item like a clutch.

I think I should be all used to the new strangely overpriced things at StarPlaza and stop even bringing this up every time I make a post on new Hotbuys, but c'mon. This is way too much.

But anyway, you guys are the best judges, and let us all know what you think.

What are your thoughts?
Wanna buy that?

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