Christmas Special

Hey everyone,

Christmas is coming, I've stocked up on peppermint flavoured candy canes, and so why not do a post dedicated to capturing some of the most interesting Christmas-related suites?
Just like I did with my Halloween posts. Only this time it will be less Halloween-y.
Okay, not Halloween-y at all.

Anyway, 'tis the season to be jolly, and therefore, let's get straight to business.


When I saw this suite, I immediately thought of A Christmas Carol and the three Christmas spirits. An absolutely creative suite idea, I shall say. Brilliant!
Make sure to visit ebinissia's suite!


Such a lovely and jolly scenery. Makes me wish I lived somewhere in the northern hemisphere so I could enjoy the winter too!
Make sure you guys pay a visit to the lovely MissMeryLu2000m because her amazing suite is definitely worth to have a look at.


Another interesting example, which shows that you don't always need a lot of colours to create a nice Christmas atmosphere. Well done!
Make sure you pay Dina..Stardoll a visit to see if she's got more interesting suite ideas.


By far, this is the most adorable Christmas suite idea that I've seen!
Make sure you visit kary35Fiesta and admire those lovely bunnies. And their other suite ideas.


A very lovely scene that reminded me of Adoration of the Magi paintings. We can for sure spot the two magi looking down at Christ:)
Make sure you visit AmfijaSmiley's suite!


And here's our last, but not the least, an amazing suite created by linangeB.
How can you not admire the lovely outdoor scene with such a beautifully decorated house?

And that is all for today. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it, make sure you visit those lovely users and take a look at their suites, and I'll see you again very shortly.

Merry Christmas!

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