New Millionaire Mansion Fashion Floors Added

What's up everyone,

Time for an update, and here it is, two brand new floors to the lovely Millionaire Mansion Fashion store.


Not going to comment on the prices because everything is as usual. Though I'm actually quite pleased nothing seems to cost over 23sd. And there are a few items for the gentlemen.
There are two Royalty-only items, and shoes for Superstars only.

As for the items themselves, I have to say that I like the first floor the best as it looks a lot more... smooth and well-put together in terms of styles and colours. The clothes on the second floor look alright, but I just have a feeling they're not mixing together too well.

My personal favourite are the pink signature handbag (win), blue bow top, and blue sequin pumps. Although the pumps don't fit on my doll's feet - bits and pieces sticking out.
But the bag... I absolutely adore it.

Anyway, enough of my subjective opinion.
Time for you to be the judge.

What are your thoughts on this?
Feeling like buying something?

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