Hotbuys Slinky Dress Released

Sup everyone,

Another day, another Hotbuys release. So today StarPlaza amazed everyone with the new Original Future Slinky Dress.

Click HERE to obtain this beauty in your dressing room.

Priced 27sd (or 24sd like me), the dress is, in my opinion, way below average, and not really worth the price. Although I am happy that the price wasn't above 30sd as it usually happens. 
Honestly, the dress itself is quite good, but probably it's the colour that makes this Hotbuys release a pretty... average one. To me, that is.

I shall let you be the judge, and if you like this one, don't listen to me and just get it for yourself.

Having said that, here's my way of wearing it

What are your thoughts on this?


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