Hotbuys Velvet Ballerina Released

Hello everyone,

Today we have a new Hotbuys release in StarPlaza, and that is
Fallen Angel Velvet Ballerina

Click HERE to get those in your dressing room.

Apart from being rather overpriced, I think these shoes are very cute, and something that I'd personally love to own in real life. Nicely drawn, lovely details, and they appear to fit my doll's feet pretty well too without having little parts sticking out.

However, I don't think it's anyhow wise to pay 17sd for a pair of shoes.
Even if they're cute.
Even if they're Hotbuys.
Simply not worth it, therefore, I will pass.

Perhaps, I'd need a time-travelling machine in order to be able to get nice and affordable clothes from StarPlaza, but the prices these days became a nightmare that could scare a lot more than the best Halloween horror prank.

Anyway, I'll let you be the judge.

Here's my way of wearing these

What are your thoughts?

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