Hotbuys Valentino Platforms

Sup everyone.

Here's a new Hotubuys release we have in Starplaza
And this would be Fallen Angel Valentino Platforms


Click HERE to get those in your dressing room

Those will cost you 20sd (or 18sd like me), and once again, as always, I don't believe these shoes are worth the price.
I hardly doubt that any regular, non-LE or Antidote (or SAP, maybe) shoes should cost more than 10sd.

Quite decent way of drawing is what saves them grace, but I'd say the colour is quite bleak.

But I'll let you be the judge.

I won't be doing a "my way" styling of the shoes because there's just too many ways you could wear them. And I'm also currently experiencing slow internet connection.

What are your thoughts?
Keen on buying?

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