Hotbuys Star Dress

Hello everyone,

Here's a new Hotbuys release, and it is...
Fallen Angel Star Dress

Click HERE to get that in your dressing room.

The dress will cost you 27sd (or 24sd like me), and, once again, I find the price ridiculous.
Unlike the ballet flats that were released some very short time ago, I reckon, the graphics quality of the dress isn't impressive, and therefore, not worth the typical PPQ price it's been sold for.

It's rather plain and simple, and I guess, I would've gotten it for myself if it wasn't... so plain and rather boring. But hey, opinions differ, and I'm sure lots of you would be able to come up with 1001 marvelous ways to style this dress.

Speaking of which, here's my way of wearing it

I couldn't think of a good way to wear it just on its own, so I've decided to layer it underneath because, despite being an "okay" piece, the sleeves looked very nice.

What are your thoughts?


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