Hotbuys Multi Fringe Vest Released

What's up everyone,

Today I noticed a new Hotbuys release in StarPlaza and...
I'm speechless.

Introducing, Original Future Multi Fringe Vest.

Click HERE to obtain this gem in your dressing room.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but to me, this is something rather bizarre. I really don't know what was the inspiration behind this, but I'm clueless as to why would anyone here need a clothing item that looks like fringe toilet mats or rugs sewn together. Not to mention charging 30sd (or 27sd like me) for it.

Would I buy this? I think the answer is obvious.
And I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it.

But of course, opinions vary, and if you happen to like this vest, this is by no means to discourage you from getting something you like. And I am sure there will be people who can style this vest to make it work and look absolutely stunning.

Usually I'd do a "my way" styling, however, I will pass this time because no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try to style this vest, I end up looking either as a crazy cat lady, a homeless crazy cat lady, or some tramp who ran away from a mental institution.
Or maybe all of that.

Anyway, I hope some of you will be more successful in styling this.

What are your thoughts?

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