5 Nights at Nessie's

Hello, lovelies

It's Halloween approaching, everyone getting spooky and creative, and therefore I've decided why not to launch a short string of Halloween-related posts?
I called them 5 Nights at Nessie's (yes, like the game), which means that this short string will contain five posts at random times before Halloween.

In each of these posts I'll be your guide to some of the most creative and dark users and their suites. And the end of each post will be marked by a guest appearance of one of the most iconic horror characters.

Keep reading if you dare.

Night 1

Everybody loves clowns, don't you agree?

The very friendly way they are, and how easily they get along with children can only establish a great level of trust. You don't need to be scared of them.
Just look at those cheerful ballooons, and that wide smile on that clown's face!

Make sure you pay a visit to ansofya and see their brilliant creation yourself.

Child's Play. We all remember the movie and the characters.

Hopefully everyone still remembers the good old Chucky. He seems so nice and friendly that you can't resist wanting to come and play.
I wonder where is Tiffany, though.
And Glen.
There should be a grand family reunion!

Visit hussein1234 and take a look.

Dare to enter the dark Wonderland of AvrilkaTH13

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Because Poe wrote on both, I would answer.
Or, perhaps, you may find an answer of your own. Just take the keys and unlock all the wonders that lie in this Wonderland. Don't be afraid, there's Cheshire to guide your way.

- "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
- "You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

There's definitely something sinister about the serenity of this scene.

Has this Little Red Riding Hood already met her Big Bad Wolf?
And if she did, where is she now, you may wonder.
The only way to find out is to visit AlexaWhitte and see it yourself. I'm sure you'll encounter something purely enchanting.

And now this is time for our special guest.
I'm sure may of you will recognize this character.

The very special, the most notorious Pinhead from Clive Baker's Hellraiser.
Transformed (or rather, mutilated) by a puzzle box to serve Leviathan, Pinhead, also known as the Pope of Hell, is one of the cenobites who reside in their own realm.
And if by any chance you obtain the puzzle box and manage to summon the cenobites, be very afraid. Let the fates of Frank and Julia be somewhat a deterrence from using this box.

I am in hell. Help me.

And now it's time to conclude the Night 1, so hopefully you've enjoyed this post, and took some inspiration from all of these wonderful users.
Stay spooky, and I'll be back.

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