Captured: Elciako

Welcome back to my Captured rubric.

It can be very tricky to choose someone for those of my weekly posts.
But, once again, the search is over.

I'm very happy to present...

Name: Elciako
Country: Poland
Joined: 2008-11-10

What's on: Antidote Braided Belt Moto, Vinyl Oversized Mustard Knitted Sweater, Cheap Monday Clean Cut Shirt, Bonjour Bizou White Collared Crop Top, Callie's Picks Lace Collar, Subcouture Second Skin Shredded Jeans, Mr. Ribcage Computer Case, Cheap Monday Layer Boot Hide.

The mustard sweater from Vinyl combined with the leather jacket was the first thing that made me stop and scroll back to take another look.
Simply brilliant.

In addition to dressing so well, Elciako is also a great designer, so be sure to pay a visit!

In my opinion, Elciako rocked this outfit perfectly, and I can't take my eyes off the details in terms of layering.
And that lace collar only adds to it.

What do you guys think?
It might also be a good idea to post your looks down below in the comments.
Who knows, you might get chosen as the next Captured.

That's all, folks.

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