Weekly Instagram Star: puppydruel_stardoll

Hello, dollies!

I'm here this week to present you with our brand new Weekly Instagram Star. I decided to bring this new feature to the club due to the fact that there's so much talent that goes unnoticed from so many of our Stardolls on all social networks... I believe this is a great way not only to show off their creativity but also to motivate other dolls to take it up a notch in their own Stardoll social networks.

So our new (and first) Instagram star is puppydruel_stardoll (Stardoll user puppy-druel). Her name is Susana, she's from South Africa, and she's a really active member of this social network and always takes it to post Instagram stories on her Stardoll life. 

Puppy-druel frecuently updates her Instagram account with pictures of her newly designed rooms, new beauty looks and her latest achievements. My favorite are her Stardoll rooms. I've always admired the talent some dolls have when designing their suites - and she's definitely impressed me with some of her pics.

Susana also likes to show off her fashion sense by updating pictures of her Spotlight looks almost daily. 

I love the detail of the Hotbuys Bralette beneath the bomber, which is definitely one of my favorite pieces from the last Vinyl collection. It looks so edgy! 

This last picture is a really creative idea to show off our dolls' beauty look that I'm definitely taking from puppy-druel's Instagram account!

What do you think?
Remember, if you want to be featured as our weekly Instagram star, you have to add the hashtag #hatechainmails to any of your Instagram posts :)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this week's special! 

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