Weekly Instagram Star: lulu.sd

Hi, dollies!

Today I'm coming to you with a new edition of Underneath Stardoll's exclusive Weekly Instagram Star
I have been checking out your Instagram posts with the tag #hatechainmails these days, and it was so hard to pick one doll as all of your entries were amazing! Keep it up, I'm checking every post out! 
This post took a little bit more to write what with MSW and everything that's been going on - it's an intense month for Stardoll users! But some of the dolls also manage to keep their social media accounts really active and going - one of them is our new Star - lulu.sd.

Lulu.sd is also known in Stardoll as HoneyLuluka, and she's a girl from Hungary who has a great fashion sense and has been playing since 2010. 
What I liked the most about her Instagram posts is that they're really unique - each and one of them shows she really cares and puts great effort in her account.

Lulu.sd always takes it to post a series of outfits with the new Stardoll releases - this way, she keeps her account updated with the latest trends. I have to say, they all look beautiful! I like the way she combines different pieces to create unconventional looks. She even created a series of 100 of her best outfits!

I have to say - my favorite photos of her Instagram account are her edits. I love how she complements the backgrounds and themes with the outfits she wears on Stardoll. My absolute favorite one is this post where she's welcoming fall - it is definitely one beautiful aesthetic she created there. 

She also finds inspiration in music - this picture was inspired from the popular American duo The Chainsmokers - and they liked her picture! Such an honor!

What do you think?
Remember, if you want to be featured as our weekly Instagram star, you have to add the hashtag #hatechainmails to any of your Instagram posts, and I'll choose a weekly star from all the submitted entries :)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this week's special! 


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