Stylista now available for download in Brazil!

Hi, dollies!

Today, I'm bringing great news to our readers from Brazil!

Stylista, the brand new mobile game by Stardoll, is now available for download both on iOS and Android devices for all of Brazil!

There's also great news for Stardoll fans worldwide - Stylista will be launched worldwide soon!

If your dream is to conquer the fashion world, Stardoll's Stylista game is the perfect game for you and for any fashionista. You can create and customize your own outfits, and by leveling up, you unlock awesome new clothes and stores! You can also be a part of exclusive events and wear the latest trends. Each event has a specific dress code you'll have to follow in order to level up in the game. There's no time for mistakes - the fashion world is waiting for you.

Stylista lets us free our creativity, find new friends and challenge ourselves to become better stylists. Once you open the app, there's no going back - I'm obsessed with the game! Have you got what it takes to be the perfect stylist?

Download Stylista now and challenge yourself to be the best!

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