Hotbuys Velvet Ankle Boots Released

And hello again, my fellow Stardolls.

Along with a brand new collection of Film Theory comes a new Hotbuys release.

And this time it's Fallen Angel Velvet Ankle Boots.

Click HERE to obtain... this...

This time I will be absolutely honest, this is a fail.
Not to mention the fact that the boots are so badly drawn, they did not even sit well on my doll (with pieces of her feet showing), they will also cost you a jolly good 16sd (or 14sd like me).

I definitely think this is absolutely not worth buying, and if before I was quite excited for September Hotbuys' releases, this time I'm very disappointed.
I guess you can style those with a good old pair of jeans, but as for me, I won't.

What do you guys think?

Hopefully next Hotbuys releases will be better.

And I'll see you quite soon.

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