Hotbuys Suede Bag with Tassels Released

And what a surprise, it's NW again.

As you've may noticed already, the new It Girls Hotbuys Suede Bag with Tassels was released.

You can get it for 20sd (or 18sd like me)

Click HERE to obtain it (and adore)

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty neutral to this September Hotbuys item.
But I surely can't wait for the pink choker to be released.
(Spoiler alert: I have a little something to share about that choker)

I guess if this bag came in a different colour, it would look more appealing.
But that's just my thoughts on this.

Here's my way of wearing it

(I tried)

As for me, I definitely won't be getting it because I simply have no clue what to wear it with.
Maybe you guys can do a better job in styling this!

So what are your thoughts on this bag?


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