Hotbuys Pleat Midi Skirt Released

Bonjour, mesdames et messieurs.

Today we have another Hotbuys release and...


It is It Girls Pleat Midi Skirt

Click HERE to get it in your dressing room.

The skirt will cost you 23sd (or 21sd like me), and although it doesn't look too bad, I still don't think the price is appropriate.
And it reminds me of the uniform skirts I had to wear back at high school.

I'd love to show you my way of wearing it, but I'm currently experiencing issues with my internet connection, so I'll gap it this time.


What do you guys think?
Would you consider buying this?

By far, it ain't one of the most horrible Hotbuys releases, and it definitely can be styled in the most superb way possible.

Feel free to share your looks down in the comments, and I shall see you shortly.

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