Hotbuys Floral Crochet Top Released

Welcome back to another one of my posts.

No surprise, I'll be talking about another weird and wonderful Hotbuys release.

And it is Pretty n'Love Floral Crochet Top, which you can get for 21sd (or 19 like me)

Click HERE to obtain it

What can I say?

Initially, I liked it. It's cute, lacey, and it has interesting details.
In reality, it turned out quite horrible on my doll because she is super pale (aka ghost).

It will definitely look a lot better on darker skin tones, and all the lovely details will show through.

I might be getting it because layering something dark underneath it always helps, but I'm still not too fond of how it looks on me.

Other than that, I think it looks quite lovely, but it may be tricky to make it work.

Here's my way of wearing it

(Once you start layering, you can't stop)

What do you think?
Would you get it for yourself?


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