History of MSW Stores

What's up everyone.

Since MSW is coming on the 6th of September, and most definitely we will see a release of a brand new MSW store, I tihnk it's a good idea to have a little recap on the history of MSW stores.

But before we do that, I shall take a little time to... introduce myself.
Thanks to our lovely new writer, HATECHAINMAILS aka Josefina, I came to realize that I totally forgot to do this and jumped straight to business.


My name is Vanessa, I've been on Stardoll since 2010, and my favourite activity is to make Stardesign fashion and interior items. And jewellery too (and sometimes it's almost pretty!).

I am DawnRenesmee
And you can find me HERE and alleviate your curiosity.

In real life I'm a PhD student with a background in criminology, psychiatry, and ancient history.
Yeah, I love studying.

And now let's get back to our little history class:)


This one. I will definitely say that it's my favourite. Perhaps, it's not for the clothes' quality, or whatsoever, but it's because it was the FIRST MSW store that came out, and it was the FIRST MSW store that I personally saw, and hence, it is indeed very special to me.

On my memory, the yellow dress was inspired by Alexander McQueen's real life version, and it was highly popular back in the days.
Not to mention the Save the Future shirt that was almost on every Catwalk winner.

And, of course, the silver tiara.

I have to add that the ethnic crown was my personal favourite item and I wore it to run for MSW.


The second round came in, and being honest, I only liked the interior. But it was still a great time to run for MSW.


In terms of clothes, it is by far my least favourite collection that made me cringe every single time.
The fuchsia gown (and the silver dress) was definitely the most popular item in that year's release.

What made this year great, is that first Stardesign Hair artworks found their way to broad audience, and it was such a fun time to participate because you never knew who's gonna come up with what.

The blue background was a pleasant change.


Once again, that was a cool year to run because after the previous MSW, more and more designers mastered their SD Hair skills, and we got to see more stunning masterpieces.

In terms of the store release, it was definitely better than the previous one, but I still didn't end up buying a single thing.


I liked this release. Can't say it was perfect, but even better than what was released in 2012 and 2013.
The black gown was a hit, and I personally saw nearly all of my Stardoll friends wearing this one often.


My second to most favourite releases.
More black stuff.

Me likes black.

I think in this release there are more hits than misses, and that's quite impressive.
Now, you don't have to agree with whatever I say, but I still think that this release was pretty much the most decent release. And I felt like all the pinks, whites, greys, and blacks made a good colour palette.

(Still digging that black floral gown)

So what're your thoughts on this?
What was your favourite MSW store?

Any cool memories to share?

And that's all from me.


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