What should have a perfect design and presentation by AnitooWee

O: Tell us something for you.
A: I ‘m really short. 

O: What are you doing in your free time?
A: I play stardoll, go out with friends or watch something on Netlix.

O: What do you think that Stardoll Staff should change in the game?
A: I think they should change some things for Superstars, because there are not many options if you are not superstar.

O: How you felt when you won for first time the hottest design of the day?
A: I was really surprised because at that time I didn’t even tried to win, I made a design for myself and a month later I saw it in Hottest.

O: It’s difficult to make a wonderful designs like yours?
A: I wouldn’t call them wonderful but making something that you really like and being positive about it makes you feel confident in creating it. :) 

O: What hottest design do you think that is the most difficult for win? Interior, Fashion, Jewelery or Hair?
A: Most difficult I think it’s hair design. 

O: It’s difficult to make a presentation?
A: It’s not that hard to make it but sometimes it can be tricky to make it work on Stardoll.

O: What should have a perfect presentation?
A: For me a perfect presentation should have my favorite colors, some photos and a nice font. It really depends on a persons style because some users prefer themed presentations. 

O: What inspired you to make a design and presentation?
A: A lot of things inspired me to make designs, anything that is a trend on the interned can be made in Stardoll. Presentations most of the time are inspired from other users, me and the other writers ok the presentation blog make presentations based on the suggestions from the comments. 

O: Tell us for your experience in Stardoll Diaries.
A: On the London meet up I had the chance to talk with the social media manager about Stardoll Diaries, because I didn’t had 16 yet she also need it parent concert, we were emailing each other for almost 2 months and in July my video was finally posted.

O: Tell us some advice for the design.
A: If you can’t make designs don’t give up no one has been perfect from the start. It takes time and patience to make something that you will like and others will enjoy. :) <3

Thank you so much for the interview :) :) 

O ♥

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