MSW. It's a Long Way To The Top

What's up everyone?

Welcome back to another NW post, and today we shall take a nice trip back into MSW times.
As September is slowly creeping by (yay, my birthday), and we all know that MSW will start some time next month, it's always good to pay some respect to what took place in the previous years.

Either you're excited to the upcoming contest and already start saving up some money for broadcast, or you can't wait till that sweet moment you close you guestbook for comments, and your general reaction resembles something more like:

It doesn't really matter:)

You won't believe, I myself was running for MSW a long time ago.
And what's even more unbelievable, I even managed to get into semi-finals 4 times in the row, and there are a few semi-finals ribbons lying in my wardrobe.

Well, enough of my little sentiments.

Do we all remember when the very first MSW started back in 2010 (aka the happy year I joined SD)?
Were you excited about filling in that short form and submitting it?
Do you remember how slow and horrible was the overloaded broadcast?

Oh, and of course, do you remember the "wildcard"?

(I created a club in order to fulfill one of the entry criteria)

Or maybe you've joined SD at a later date?

Why don't we do a little recap on the previous winners













Amazing to remember it is that each year was highlighted by something new that occurred on SD. One of the most vivid examples is, with little doubt, the introduction of StarDesign hair features.
It was not merely the wigs that were produced, but people created such magnificent creations that it became almost impossible to tell what would come in with a ballroom blitz next year.

Well, time to share. 
Will you be taking part in this year's MSW?
What are your expectations?
Do you see any common patterns in terms who can get to the finals?
Who are your favourite winners throughout the years?

Even though so much has changed since 2010, some things remained the same:
Be an active user at SD, rock your doll's style and suite well, participate in clubs and blogs, visit other dolls' suites and leave them a nice comment, have a positive attitude, be polite, and just have fun!

To finish off, here is a picture of me running for MSW semis for the first time in 2010.

Hope you've enjoyed this and, in the words of AC/DC, remember

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock'n'roll.

Best of luck to those who will be running for the next MSW!

Signing off,

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