Interview - Baby-lulu36

Hello everyone! This post contains a small interview of a creative member, Baby-lulu36! Her name is Yoli and she lives in USA.

Q: How long have you been playing Stardoll? What about your achievements here? 
A: I have been playing Stardoll for a long time -soon I will reach my 7th year here!!! You know during all these years and putting a lot of work in it I had the chance to win many things but what really has value to me are the wonderful friends I have.

Q: Within the stardoll community you can get in touch with people from every country in the world.. Who are your best friends here? How do you spend your time together?
A: My best friends are the ones that they are always by my side no matter what. I truly love all of them and I can’t name all . We like to share how our day is going and have fun dressing our dolls.

Q: If somebody visits you, they will see that all your rooms are excellently decorated! What is your inspiration? 

A: Thank you for the compliment , my inspiration is my own dreams! I try to create places that I would love to be in real life and speak about my personality.

Q: I am sure that you are fammiliar with the exciting contest of MSW that takes place in Stardoll every year! Would you like to win? Do you think its easy? Which MSW winner do you like more? Why?

A: I am honest yes I would like to win ,everybody wants to win , but I gave up a while ago. I don’t view it as easy at all and I don’t think it depends on how talented you are to win. I don’t have a favorite winner.

Q: How do you spend your free-time? (Apart from stardoll) .
A: I love to pass my time with my little Yorkie , i workout every day and I always find time to read and watch my favorite tv-shows.

Q: Who is your favorite singer and actor? Which is your favorite song and movie?

A: I like many singers but I am a super fan of Michael-Jackson - I always listen to “ The Lady in my life”. My Actor is Tom Hanks in "Forrest Gump".

Happy weekend, mikebest2000!

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