Sup, everyone.

Time for yet another turn of my "Captured" rubric.

Even though there are so many dolls out there who look marvelous, it can sometimes be tricky to spot something that catches your eye, you have a feeling that a good gem is somewhere nearby, but you can never really find it.

Well, the search is over.

Country: Uruguay
Joined: 2012-09-28

What's on: DKNY Ikat Print Dress, Bonjour Bizou Belt, Killah Charlun Shoes, INK'D Birds of a Feathre Tattoo, INK'D Kristen Eye.

The yellow ponytail was the first thing that made me stop, go back, and take another look. The kind of look that gives you them 90s vibes was something that made me smile and realize that I came to the right place (and wish I had that choker too). Besides, I don't even need to stress how much I love the yellow and black combination.
Simple, yet, perfect.

VickyVCuchi also happens to be an amazing designer, and she designed the wig that caught my attention in the first place, therefore, bravo.

Not only wigs, but Vicky also makes amazing interior and fashion designs, and being a crazy cat lady, I will take a minute to demonstrate a design that I love most:

Cute, isn't it?
(I want one)

So what do you guys think?
As for me, I'm left with the greatest impression I could ever get.

Take your time to pay VickyVCuchi a visit!:)

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