Back to Future. Now and Then.

Welcome to yet another session with NW. 
Today we shall take a field trip into... Now and Then.

To think of it, Stardoll was launched a very long time ago, and I first found out about it while reading a cheesy Total Girl magazine for young teens, on my Thailand vacation back in 2006. 
It's amazing to know how many users there are who created their accounts so long ago and are still around. Needless to say, we all changed so much since then, so many phases been gone through, so many of them false eyelashes stuck on my (omg I said that) doll's eyes.

What a wonderful journey it's been.

Have you ever looked back at your old Stardoll photos and thought, oh my, did I actually look like that? Do you ever get nostalgic about earning your 4 temporary Stardollars, being excited about Doree releases because there were no hair designs, and most you could do is to get that new green, red, or lilac hair dye, and being hyped when the first Miss Stardoll World contest was announced?

I certainly do.

Now let's take a moment to look at some of the " Now and Then" looks.

Round One.

2010 version vs 2016

2010 vs 2016

The new features make us all look so luminous and lively.

2010 vs 2016

Look at how gorgeous she's now!

Me (aka prepare for the terror)

2010 vs 2016 

Now, what do you think?
Have you got any of your Now and Then photos? Are you particularly nostalgic about anything from the days you've just joined Stardoll?
Feel free to share down in the comments:)


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