"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #175

Hello everyone!!

So sorry for late post, but hey, I am here now, so without further intro, here goes my recap.

On Monday, we got another Tribute store - Inspired by Alexander McQueen Tribute.

The collection is really high fashion, couture, and it lives up to the name. McQueen is one of the biggest and most popular design houses, with many highly unusual pieces, but still fantastic. Not every doll can pull off real McQueen style, but there are some a bit less dramatic pieces that can be used in everyday outfits, or at least add a bit of high fashion to everyday outfit. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the collection, even I love McQueen designs in general, but there are some pieces I will be definitely buying.

On Wednesday - you know it - new Callie's Picks "Precious Metals".

The collection is centered on metallic colored items, with lots of silver, black and some other colors. Not a huge fan of collection, as I prefer more 'ordinary' colors, though there are plenty of black items. Definitely some must buys here, but honestly, not much. At least in my opinion, because, as always, there may be many dolls that can pull off those items well.

And on Friday, we got new Young Hollywood collection.

Collection consists mostly of long, formal gown, seen on red carpets on various of events. Most of the dresses are simply gorgeous, like the green sparkly one, or white sleeveless dress, which were the very 1st items I bought. I got some others too. I am surprised they haven't sold out yet, but it may be a good thing for people who haven't decided or had not enough stardollars to afford them. The first thing to sell out was actually a simple blue outfit. While fashionable, I believe you can find stuff like that in ordinary stores, and I love Young Hollywood because of those exquisite formal gowns. Great release overall.

That's it or a week.. well that, and the Ramadan store in WOTW leaving, figured I'd just mention it here. As usual, I am looking forward to the following week, but until then, vote, comment, and see you soon.

~ Venus
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