Callies Summer Vacation Campaign!

There is a new campaign out called Callie's Summer Vacation!

Click here to go to the campaign page! 

It seems Callie will be giving out free gifts as she travels around the globe!
Callie's first stop is Paris. Click Paris on the map to receive the French Picnic Bag!

There are also two contests new contests out!
For the first contest you will have to take a photo of your doll in vacation mode & submit it to the contest.
The best entries will be displayed on the campaign page.

For the second contest, you have to use the tribute items you've gotten this season to create a runway in your suite. 
The winners of this contest will get to share their vision with Stardoll staff & curate their own tribute store!

There is also a new pal gift available with all SS/Stardollar packages.

What do you think of this campaign?
Are you looking forward to it?


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