"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #173

Hello dolls!!

I don't know about you, but here has been incredibly hot last few days. I do love Summer, but that high temperatures aren't much pleasant. Anyway, there was a lot interesting on Stardoll last week, and in case you missed anything, here goes my recap.

On Monday, Stardoll released Inspired by John Galliano Tribute.

Another Tribute season on Stardoll has officially begun. This collection is anything but ordinary. Fabulous, couture outfits, bold masks and headpieces, long and so detailed gowns. There are even 2 posed items, which is great. I like Stardoll including a posed items every once in a while that aren't part of Strike a Pose store. A boy outfit as well, (which would look great on boy pal *hint*), There are several items I plan on buying, mostly gowns and probably both floral headpieces, as they seem to be quite popular on Stardoll nowadays.

On Tuesday, Stardoll announced new Ramadan campaign.

I really love when Stardoll makes campaigns like these. In this one, so far we got one gift (a jukebox), and an offer where we'd get a posed item for any superstar membership purchase. Item is not so ordinary, it may look weird, but I like it. There is also, as usual, a place to leave your comments related to the holiday/event, and a contest where winner gets their photo displayed on Ramadan campaign page (winners are chosen daily). Like I said, I am all in for campaigns like this one, as they make gameplay  more interesting and challenging.

On Wednesday, we got new Callie's Picks collection - 'Festival Fun'.

Inspired by Summer festivals, this collection is full with bright, vibrant colors, boho-like items, short tops and bottoms. There is a nice amount of items from previous Elle collections too. Not a fan of the style, but I might snag few items. (I will probably wait for the last day though, typical me.)

And on Friday, we got new Strike a Pose collection.

Stardoll has continued the trend of making posed items for only 3 skin tones. Which would be ok if we got only 3 skin tones to choose in our beauty parlor, not 30. For example, my doll has the lightest available, as my skin is pale in real life too. So even the lightest tone in store is too dark for my doll, so items would look weird on it. Other than that, the collection is really nice. Many items sold rather quickly, as there were many great items released. My favorites were the cat pose, and denim jackets.

That's it for the week. There are no spoilers yet so we have no idea what Tribute store is coming tomorrow. I hope it is good. So vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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