"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #171

Hello dolls!!

It's a beautiful sunny day here. Not too hot, just enough. Last week on Stardoll was kinda fun, and I am glad I found out some people do read this. So to all of you who want to see if you missed anything, or just get reminded of past week, here goes my recap.

On Monday, we got a new interior collection in Fashion Furniture store.

The collection seems to be inspired by high fashion, we have an amazing background with lots of books (or magazines, not sure), the legendary Karl Lagerfeld sitting in nice oval armchair and holding a beautiful white cat. We have some accessories laying around, some fashion magazines, and gorgeous white roses. This collection is truly amazing and I hope you can find potential in it to glam up one or more of your rooms.

On Tuesday, we got new Young Hollywood collection.

The collection is inspired, as usual, by Met gala event. We got some gorgeous glamorous gowns, but the most popular items were 2 sets of top + skirt. Again, Stardoll recreated some of the outfits from the event, and though there are some pretty amazing pieces, I think they could have chosen other, better ones. I only got 3 items, as I am trying to save up stardollars (my royalty is running out). The first to go were Doutzen white top and skirt, and a Miranda top. Many items have not sold out yet, so you still have a chance to earn some stardollars and get what's left.

On Wednesday, we got new Callie's Picks collection, named 'Garden Party'.

Yeah, Stardoll is definitely getting ready for summer, bright colors, light fabrics, cute summer dresses and tops, and of course, some appropriate accessories. We got one Tress up hairstyle, as usual - Stardoll just doesn't like the mannequins to be bald, seems so. Few items seem to have been really wanted and valuable, but that is the case in almost each CP collection. I was hoping we could expect some CP decor inspired by this collection, - it has so much potential.

And on Friday, one real summer release, in Riviera store.

Now this store really makes me happy, as it truly reminds of my favorite season. Seeing all the light-wear, swimsuits, bikinis, light fabrics and pool/beach accessories. The dresses are great too, perfect for evening stroll on the beach, or just something to cover your swimsuit. And of course there are gladiator sandals, my favorite, both on Stardoll and real life. Summer is coming and I am really looking forward to it!

That is all. I hope you enjoyed my recap (for those who read it, of course). You know the drill - vote, comment, and see you all next week.

~ Venus
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