"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #167

Hello dolls!!

I am really not inspired to write and interesting, funny intro, so I am just going to jump straight to my recap. Hope you'll like it, and here it goes.

On Monday, we got new Transform make up collection.

Even like it seems like new, unique collection on the first look, when you look closely, you will see it is kinda redundant. I mean, we've had shades similar to those before, and with the prices of this store, I am not really fan of buying from it. No offense. Even though I have a nice amount of make up, I only use a handful of items regularly. Specifically, ones from Kat Von D Sephora collection, or just Sephora. Besides, blue blush would seem like your doll is freezing - now when I think this way, it could be used nicely for Halloween outfits. Or something like that.

On Wednesday, you know - Callie's Picks, collection named 'Tokyo Calling'.

Inspired by Tokyo street style, collection brings back colorful, cute, unusual items. Even I used to be fan of the style, I sold many of my pieces I had that got re-released. It makes me think though, I get upset when item I paid a lot gets re-released. But what about pieces I sold for many stardollars get re-released? I am guessing the buyer must be upset, but it is a game after all, and no one should take it too seriously. You win some, lose some, kinda like in real life. Anyway, I probably won't be buying anything from the collection, it is either I have some items already, or just not liking the style.

On Thursday, yet another store went on going away sale for selected floors.

This time, the sale is in Other World store first few floors. I am ok with the store, it has some nice, fantasy items, and most importantly, wings. (Which I bought already way before the sale.) Items can be used to create great and unusual rooms, and clothes give away that romantic, out-of-the-wold look. So buy now, or regret later. Or not. (Or try finding items in bazaar if you are patient enough.)

And on Friday, finally something I really liked - new Limited Edition collection!

The collection is mostly really good. The first thing that caught my eye was, of course, that adorable cat. Also, there was a nice shirt, few dresses and some accessories. I was lucky enough to have just enough stardollars to buy everything I liked, aside from some pieces. I am loving the sparkles on clothes, they can give a glam look on your doll. Many were expecting new Young Hollywood collection inspired by Met Gala, but honestly, how many formal dresses your doll really needs?

That's all for now. I am really looking forward to the following week, but before that, vote, comment, and see you soon.

~ Venus
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