Stardoll 10 Year Anniversary Competition: Results!

Underneath Stardoll has been hosting a competition in celebration of Stardoll's 10 Year Anniversary.

For this competition, we asked users to take a picture of their past doll from when they first joined Stardoll, and use it as inspiration to re-create the look with your present day doll.
The winner will receive 100sd with the two runner-ups receiving 50sd each.
Click here to see the competition blog post 

We selected the top 13 entries to showcase on the blog for readers to vote for. 
Click here to see the top 13 entries 

You voted & the results are in..

Congratulations to AmethistKraken! 
You are the winner of this contest

Miracle_Black came in a close second!


With Exabella coming in at 3rd place!


Congratulations to everyone that made it into the final!
Thanks to everyone who took part and to everyone who voted as well. 


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