"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #164

Hello everyone!!

So I hope you all had a nice week. I hope you had fun on Stardoll too, celebrating 10 years anniversary. Anyway, in case you missed anything, here goes my recap. Spoiler - you didn't miss much.

On Monday, we had new Nelly.com collection.

It was expected, after the leaving sale we got previous week. Like other collections, this other fails to disappoint too. We have nice, trendy items, with black and grey as dominant colors. Even some items seem basic, they can be used as key pieces in making an outfit. Anyway, I am, as you can guess, loving the collection, but I usually wait for sale before buying non limited items. Still, I may get some pieces later.

On Wednesday, we (finally) got new Basics Decor collection.

Items are quite well detailed, like the sheets on bed, or fabric on armchairs. The collection is rather small, but still can be a huge help for users trying to add some changes to their existing rooms. Especially since it is in starcoins, so non superstars can buy. Except for few pieces that are for ss/roy members only. Which seems to have become a trend on Stardoll, making certain starcoin items unavailable to non superstar members. Not cool.

And on Friday, we got new Subcouture collection.

The store is pretty good, with some really great outfits and accessories. It is time limited, and there is still a little time left to buy what you like, so you might wanna hurry. I am really loving a biker jumpsuit, and the long nude dress, along with few other dresses. Pink fur seems quite popular, but I am not fan of fur, especially not in real life. There are few nice pairs of jeans, and a pair of platforms, which seems to be a popular and valuable type of shoes on Stardoll. Anyway, loved the collection more than usual, and bought a fair amount of items. Gonna check if I missed anything now.

And that is all. The week was ok. About the 10 years anniversary, I loved the gifts, but no offense, would it have hurt to give us at least 5 or 10 stardollars? Anyway, there are no spoilers for tomorrow, so we have no idea what to expect. Tress up, Ink'd, Young Hollywood, or just another ordinary store? I hope you enjoyed the recap, if you did, leave a comment, vote on the poll, and I'll see you soon.

~ Venus
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