10 Year Anniversary Competition!

So as you know, it’s Stardoll’s 10 year anniversary! 
What better way for us to celebrate by having a competition right here on Underneath Stardoll! 
Incase you didn't see, after posting about the anniversary campaign a lot of readers were posting their doll transformations from when they first joined Stardoll to how their doll looks now. You can view the blog post here.
This inspired me to create a contest using our old dolls! 

For this competition, all you have to do is take a picture of your past doll from when you first joined Stardoll and use it as inspiration to re-create the look with your current doll!

Here is an example: 

To enter, upload your entry through imgur and submit the link in the form below along with your Stardoll user.
You need to include both the inspiration and the re-creation in your entry!


Please don’t copy the original look exactly, just use it as inspiration!

You can use two of the original fashion items maximum, no more (not including hair/make-up/beauty parlour items). 

You can use any past look. Whether it's a scenery, a photo or from your album, it just has to have your doll in the picture! 

Only submissions through the form will count. Submissions posted in the comments will not be included. 

The winner will receive 100 Stardollars.
Two runner-ups will receive 50 Stardollars each. 
(If you are a non-SS winner, you will receive the equivalent in wishlist items)

You have until Monday 11th April to enter and then submissions will be closed. 
The best entries will be selected & shown on the blog where you can vote for your favourite looks.
The voting will start on Thursday 14th April and will close on Sunday 17th April. 

Enter Here:

(You do not have to use a real facebook/email to enter, a throwaway is fine!)

Good luck dolls! 


If you have any questions at all then feel free to ask!
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