"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #160

Hello everyone!!

How are you on this beautiful, Spring day? Yeah, Spring has just started for all of us on Northern hemisphere, and I couldn't be happier. I am really not a fan of a winter, so more sun, warmer weather and longer days.. how could anyone not like Spring? Anyway, back to my recap - an average week, luckily no limited releases this week, but some interesting stuff happened... well, read more - if you want to, of course.

On Monday, we got new Millionaire Mansion Fashion collection.

Another nice, but yet average collection. Has some interesting pieces, looks good as a whole, and there is even a guy outfit there. I love there are many pastels, perfect for Spring, but honestly, I prefer some other stores. No offense.

On Wednesday, we got new Epiphany jewelry collection.

Items are kinda different from others, same with prices (they are slightly lower than usual). I really love fake eyeshadow, and I really wish Stardoll introduced more of them, maybe open a store for such items, as 'ordinary' eyeshadows are hard to be put on well. I love that the collection is colorful, and we got a variety of items.

Even Stardoll announced the winners of SNTA 3rd edition on Monday, it wasn't until Friday the whole collection inspired by best entries got released.

I am really loving this collection. It shows how amazingly talented Stardoll users are. The items in pic above are one of my favorites, and there are some other items I am planning on buying eventually. And I am definitely looking forward for next round of a contest - not that I'd be participating though, I've got, like, zero design talent.

I am sorry this recap is shorter than usual, but 1) there wasn't much to talk about, and 2) I really don't feel much inspired today. Anyway, looking forward to next week, but until then, vote, comment, and I'll see you soon.

~ Venus
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