"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #159

Hello everyone!!

First of all, I am really sorry for not posting news. I know I was hired here to do my recaps, but few weeks after I got accepted, Fenia offered me to write news as well. And I know A is busy, and Sofia is on vacation, but I had some issues in my life as well. I will really try posting news in time from next week on, but I really can't post spoilers, as it takes too much time compiling them and adding watermark, so how about I just feature the comment with spoilers someone else posted?
Anyway, in case you missed last week, well, you didn't miss much. Let's see what happened.

On Monday, Stardoll released new interior collection in Minimalism store.

I kinda like it. I mean, pieces seem basic, but with some twist, like that awesome bookshelf, or the table, the glowing mannequin (although I am not much fan of the price). Anyway, the items can be used to add a nice, minimalistic (duh!) touch to a room. A doggie is cute, but come on, you know what I'm gonna say - yes, I'd prefer a cat (or even better, cats).

On Wednesday, you know the deal - new Callie's Picks.

The collection was named 'Best Dressed', and consists mostly of elegant, long and some couture gowns. Prices are high, but some of the items are definitely worth the price. For example, Dior gown is priced 75 stardollars, but that was the original price, and you could hardly find it in bazaar for less than 300sd.  I am really loving most of the gowns, probably why I already have most of them. There are also some nice starcoin items, and a Callie's bun wig, from old Tress Up release.

On Thursday, Stardoll announced 50% off sale at Voile Prom 2015 collections.

My guess is collection is leaving the plaza, and I love the sale, even I already got many items from previous 50% Black Friday sale. (Actually, I just noticed I didn't buy everything I liked, so I spent a little what was left of my stardollars on few items.) It is leaving at kinda random time, but the store has some pretty amazing dresses, for both girly and goth users. I am hoping for a new prom collection for this year as well.

And on Friday, another(!!!) limited release - this time in Runway store.

No offense, but 4 limited releases 4 Fridays in a row - isn't that a bit too much? About the collection - well, I am just not fan of it. I mean, I liked McQueen inspired items, but was broke. And I really don't want to renew my membership yet, well, I have my reasons. Anyway, I preferred previous Runway collection, but here I liked the free bag (which was for superstars only, unfortunately). Store hasn't sold out yet - maybe Stardoll could have pulled the same stunt like with Antidote, allowing users to buy stuff more than once. Ah, whatever.

Anyway, that's it for the week. I am really looking forward to tomorrows release and the announcing of SNTA3 winners. I hope you liked this week, so vote, comment, and see you soon.

~ Venus
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