"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #158

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly recap, here on USD. I hope you enjoyed last week. So in case you missed something, my recap is here to help, and it starts now.

On Monday, we got new Original Future collection.

The store was never my favorite. I am not even sure about the concept of a it. It would be nice if Stardoll included a brief explanation of a store, like they do with Callie's Picks. Anyway, an interesting item are those ripped jeans, who closely resemble the ones we had in Young Hollywood store. There is a variety of shapes, colors and textures, and prices are.. well, I think we all got used to them by now.

On Wednesday, we had a new collection in Evil Panda store.

Another ordinary clothing store in a week? That doesn't happen that often, we usually get either some jewelry, make up, or interior. Anyway, not a big fan of this store either, though I like the 'sorry i'm not listening' top. Unlike OF, this collection has many nice, wearable pieces. Definitely worth checking out.

On Friday morning, we got an offer for more stardollars.

You'd get 15% extra stardollars on each purchase, whether it is superstar or stardollars. 15% extra is not much, as I remember having much better offers, and I really miss those discounts on superstar membership. The offer hinted a new release, which is...

New Young Hollywood collection!!

It was inspired by Oscar's, and they recreated some really nice gowns. Some being the key word. Even though I like some items, I am sure they could have chosen some better ones. My favorite was Charlize red dress, but I am not superstar and don't have enough stardollars either. And it is sold out btw. Even though collection is nice, didn't we have YH collection like 2 weeks ago? Stardoll could have easily released it in Voile store, adding some more dresses too. I hope you had enough stardollars to snag whichever pieces you liked.

Yeah, that sums up the week. There are already spoilers for tomorrow's release, and I don't really care much about them, since I am not a fan of interior. Anyway, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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