Some updates

Hi guys,
As some of you  already noticed, Stardoll made some changes/updates today.

One of them is when you create a new doll. Remember those boxes we saw a while ago about moving company? They are for them. 
On those boxes the new dolls will find the things they receive when they create their dolls, as well as the box with the stardollar symbol as you can see in the picture above (thanks to vampirefreak121)

The other change is on the daily tasks, now, when you complete a part of a task there is a pop up showing you complete it like you can see here (special thanks to Notnoworlater)
Another update is when we buy anything, the place where our starcoins and stardollars keeps turning until it stop on the new amount of the stardollars and starcoins we have after the purchase (kind of useless but funny)

For what I read on comments on last post, there are some new tasks on daily tasks too, but I didn't find any new task yet, did you?

Here is one new task (thanks to alexbang57)

But where is the locker option that some of us (inclusive myself) want on our storage and wardrobe? It doesn't seem to be so difficult to configure an option to lock or not just like the friend feed. 

And what about an option to put any item to sell directly from our wardrobe or storage without need to search all the pages on our bazaar? It would be easy if we have an option to sell when we click on the item in the storage and/or wardrobe, something like this, don't you think?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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