"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #157

Hello everyone!!

Yet another week has gone by.. Time sure does fly. Not much happened on Stardoll this week, except for.. well, read on and you will see :)

On Monday, we got new Furry Friends release.

Animals are adorable, as usual. I like they included some other animals besides cats and dogs, but those they did release are so precious. We have a cat on a photo camera, a supercat, a cat drinking milkshake.. who could resist them? Of course, other animals are precious as well, but cats are just the best.

On Tuesday, Stardoll included yet another update - level restrictions for certain facial features.

From now on, in order to unlock certain face features, such as noses, lips, eyes, etc, you have to reach certain level. I am kinda on the fence with this update. I mean, sure, it makes game more challenging for members, influencing them to level up by playing, but what I can see is many dolls who are gonna look the same, as, of course, there will be members creating spare accounts for various reasons. But regardless, what I think is they should work on awards for high level dolls, as we get like nothing except starcoins, and occasional stardollars.

On Wednesday, you know the deal - new Callie's Picks.

Each time, right before spoilers for CP arrive, I think of 2 things: a wish for Stardoll to release stuff I wanted to buy for so long, and fear they do not release stuff I paid a lot of stardollars for. And in most cases, neither of that happens. This collection, even though very popular amongst members, just does not much appeal to me. I mean there are some nice items, and some rares I had no idea were rare and wanted, but not much I stuff I would buy. The collection is, obviously, centred around print, and there is a variety of shapes and types of items.

And on Friday, new Limited Edition collection!

This time, Stardoll decided to go with classic theme - black and white. And few other colors included. A variety of fabrics as well. There are many nice coats, and other pretty and easy to combine items. Luckily I wasn't fan of the collection, I mean, yes, it is really good, but I'd rather save up my stardollars for more cheaper items, instead of buying few Limited and high priced items.

That's it! We have no idea what is coming up tomorrow, my guess is another ordinary store, but what I really, really want is a bazaar update. I've been delaying renewing my royalty membership just because it is very tedious going through hundreds of pages searching for stuff to sell, and those starcoin items that I don't like, but don't wanna 'give away'. So, until next week, vote, comment, and see you.

~ Venus
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