"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #156

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for late post, I had some things to do. Anyway, how is your life? Are you enjoying playing on Stardoll? And are you ready for another weekly recap? Well, ready or not, here it goes.

On Monday, we got new Sunny Bunny release.

We got 3 cute wigs, some nice jewelry, and even some hair colors and highlights. Items are typical for the store and style, and it is not an uncommon thing seeing a doll dressed that way. I like the style personally, but not enough to pursue it. I may use an accessory or 2 sometimes, but that's all.

On Wednesday, we got new collection of Jet Set store.

All items are superstar only, as this store is exclusive for superstar (and royalty, ofc) members. Items are.. well, ok. I don't find much stuff I'd like to own, as I am not a particular fan of the colors used, but still, I may get few items once I renew my membership. And it is ok having few ss/roy only stores, non superstars have still a variety of items to choose from, assuming they have some stardollars saved up.

On Thursday, Stardoll included another update for newer members - Callie's Pop Up stores.

Apparently, they are visible to dolls up to level 5, there is also a jewelry and decor store with the same purpose - to introduce stores to new members. I like they are updating Stardoll and making it more interesting and challenging for new members. They now have to spend time to unlock specific features, while also learning about Stardoll and having fun. I guess some members are upset about the update, and they know why, but there is not much we can do.

And on Friday, we got new Young Hollywood collection.

Collection was inspired by Grammy's award show. Well, I liked many items, but was only able to afford 2. I was kinda hoping I'd be able to get 3 at least, but I am sure I will be able to find easily in bazaar the 3rd items I wanted, once it leaves the plaza, since it has not sold out yet. I am talking about the yellow dress, which my brother described as 'scrambled eggs dress'. No, really I loved it. Taylor outfit and Gaga shoes and the other pair of shoes sold out first, while Florence dress has still significant amount of pieces left. Anyway, loved the collection, and I really wished I could buy more, but better luck next time.

So this is it. Kinda slow week, with an interesting twist at the end. I am not really sure what we may expect for the next one, I am really hoping it is a bazaar update, and not some limited collection, as I am broke. But until then, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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