"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #155

Hello everyone!!

Are you one of the lucky ones enjoying Valentine's Day with your significant other, or are single and spending time with your friends instead? Whatever you do, I hope you can set a little of your time and check this week's recap, which starts, well, now.

On Monday, we got new Pretty'n'Love Decor floor.

Pastel colors are dominant in this release. It kinda reminds me of Spring, which I am really looking forward to. Valentine's day too, with all the flowers and the typewriter with a love poem on it. I love the way they arranged the tables and the interior, giving a room 'the depth'. I think they can be combined very well with other pieces you have in your storage, make a nice, cozy room. If only Stardoll gave us more ordinary rooms.. Overall, a nice collection, with some interesting, unique pieces.

On Wednesday, we got new Callie's Picks collection - "A Love Story"

Another V-day themed release, seems like Stardoll decided to dedicate this whole week to this lovely holiday. Again, more pastel colors, with brown and being dominating, but there isn't a lack of other colors as well. There are some rares, as usual, but overall, collection is just ok for me. I was really hoping for certain heels to be released, or a ballgown themed collection. Anyway, they got a male outfit too, with a mannequin holding flowers, which is kinda sweet, if we got only more male pals we can dress up..

On Thursday, Stardoll announced a Valentine's day pass.

Wow, we haven't had those for a while. Though the offer is nice, I was really hoping for some more stardollars and nicer gifts. And as a member who buys her membership via phone, I was sad that option wasn't available. So even I like some of the gifts, such as those lips and the top, I will be not extending my membership yet. I am hoping for some new updates. Still, a nice deal because you can buy 2 months of superstar membership at once, because such an option does not exist in regular offers.

And on Friday, we got new floor of Velvet Orchid store.

One word to describe this collection - shiny! Lots and lots of shiny clothes, some items with galaxy print too, which I like though. There are also 2 pairs of platforms - type of shoes that seem incredibly popular on Stardoll. Now even I like some pieces, what I am not fan of is, out of 2 starcoin items, 1 is Royalty only. Kinda unfair, as starcoins are the only currency non superstar members can earn. I like there is a boy outfit too. I used to love this store, before when it was called 'Evening Falls' - I remember buying the whole collection and recreating the floor in my suite room. I loved it then, now, not so much.

And that's it. Tomorrow, you can expect new Sunny Bunny collection, which is ok. I was kinda expecting new LE Re-edition, but honestly, I am glad it is not coming out yet, as I am kinda low on stardollars. Also, I am not even sure Stardoll ever plans on re-releasing another limited collection. (Sorry, but I hope not.) Anyway, vote on the poll, comment, and see you next Sunday.

~ Venus
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