"Last week on Stardoll" - week #154

Hello everyone!!

We had an interesting week on Stardoll, with some releases, updates and announcements. In case you missed anything, you can read about it in my weekly recap.

On Monday, we got new MS.TQ collection.

The collection consists, as usual, of hair parts, but this time we got 'half wigs', or one sided hairstyles. They could be either worn with matching pair, non-matching one, or just as a single hairpiece creating modern one sided hairstyle. I really love the idea of a store, as it gives a lot of chance for users to mix and match. Kinda hard to find the pieces, as they all sit in beauty parlor jewelry box, so please Stardoll, add separate categories for our jewelry!

On Tuesday, Stardoll announced 3rd edition of Stardoll's Next Top Artist contest.

As usual, you have to make a design in star design hair studio, but it shouldn't be hair. Instead, you are supposed to use your creativity and create unique clothing pieces and accessories, using only Star design hair pieces. I think it is again a great chance for talented designers get deserved attention. You can,of course, get inspired by real life outfits, but you should not copy anyone's design, or submit one that is not designed by you. I am really looking forward to seeing (and buying) some interesting designs.

The same day, Stardoll introduced a new update for our suites - a multiselection tool.

Now you have a chance to move more objects at the same time. Just select objects which you want to move, and with one click, you can move them to desired position. You can also resize them at the same time and/or layer them. It can make designign suites much easier, and I am really glad Stardoll is actually updating their site. Now we are only waiting for bazaar update, the best would be if we could put stuff on sale straight from our suites, and maybe increase limit of items you can sell at once.

Also, Stardoll has included some new academy tasks.

New tasks mostly include album related tasks, and there are tasks that include spotlight and are available for ss/royalty members only, and you win 3 stardollars upon completing them. I think it is nice Stardoll added some variety to tasks, and I am hoping to see some more. Also, I prefer daily tasks opposed to previous starpoint/starcoin earning system.

On Wednesday, Stardoll released new Windows of the World collection, inspired by carnival in Rio.

We got so many festive outfits and accessories, perfect for Carnival season. I love wings and headpieces, but I don't see my doll wearing any of them. I am more a collector, so I might buy some stuff to use in my rooms. The background is fantastic, with all those fireworks, kinda expensive though.

And on Friday, we got new Stardoll Pals.

They are Valentine's day themed, so we can maybe expect more V-day themed outfits and accessories. I really like this collection, and I love the chance to put other dolls in our suite. I wish they came with more choices of clothes though, or more 'ordinary' poses so we can use our own clothes on them.

Yeah, that's all. Like I said, many updates, and I am sure we can expect more soon. But until that, vote, comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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